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Visa Plus is a cash machine service offered by Visa, and we have make general points about it below and hopefully you find this useful.

Visa Plus Overview

A brief overview of the Visa Plus service, including other opinions, in the interests of balance.

Visa Plus Coverage

All about the coverage of Visa Plus - how many machines does utilisation of the Visa/Plus system open up to your organisation?

Visa Plus Reliability

Next we look at the reliability of these Visa Plus machines - what good is a broken machine?

Visa Plus Charges

Lastly, we'll look at the charges applicable to users of Visa Plus in the USA, Visa Plus users in Europe, and Visa Plus users in Asia. If you’re a Visa Plus user from a region not covered here, email us to let us know what you think of the Visa Plus service.

Conclusions on Visa Plus

Summary and conclusions on who should choose Visa Plus.

Visa/Plus Overview

Visa Debit Card

Here’s what Visa have to say about their Visa/Plus ATM (Automatic Teller Machine, or cashpoint, to many users) system: (taken from Visa’s Visa Plus website)

Primary Network Coverage in the U.S. and Worldwide

The Visa® / Plus® ATM Network is a compelling choice to serve as your financial institution's primary ATM network.

In addition to providing universal ATM coverage through more than 1 million ATMs in 162 countries (including more than 390,000 ATMs in the United States), the Visa Plus ATM Network offers world-class functionality and an outstanding value proposition for cardholders, issuers, and acquirers.

Members are responding to this unbeatable combination by consolidating all of their ATM activity under the Visa Plus brand marks—reducing connectivity costs and simplifying back-office operations!

And here's what the English Wikipedia has to say about the Visa Plus service:

PLUS (also known as Visa Plus) is an interbank network that covers all VISA credit, debit, and prepaid cards, as well as ATM cards issued by various banks worldwide. Currently, there are one million PLUS-linked ATMs in 160 countries worldwide.

PLUS cards can be linked in the following ways: as a standalone network, linked with a local interbank network and/or linked with any Visa product displaying the Visa flag on the front (Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Delta and Visa Electron). Currently, there are 144 million proprietary PLUS cards, not including a number of cards which have PLUS as a secondary network.

PLUS is widely used as a local interbank network in places such as the United States and Canada, where networks such as STAR and NYCE in the United States and Interac in Canada also compete. In places such as India and Indonesia, this is also the case wherein there are many interbank networks. The main competitor of PLUS is Cirrus, which is offered by Visa rival MasterCard.

Obviously, the Visa Plus website doesn’t mention the mastercard competitor!

Visa Plus Coverage

World Map

The Visa Plus ATM network offers more than one million machines as part of it’s network, of which 650,000 are in the USA. The other 350,000 available machines are split between 161 other countries, which makes for, on average 2173 machines per country. The Visa Plus literature provided by Visa does not break down their number by country (other than the USA), so if you operate outside the USA, it may be worth looking elsewhere. If you have more financial clout than we do, Visa may even disclose such information, in the interests of making a sale.

Anecdotally, Visa Plus coverage in the UK is high (unfortunately this means the other 160 countries probably have even fewer available Visa Plus machines), so if you operate extensively in this teritory, the coverage may be to your satisfaction.

Visa Plus Reliability

Visa Plus does not actually run any of these automatic teller machines, they merely provide access to them for a fee. As such they are not themselves responsible for maintenance, nor do they provide any guarantees to that effect. However, Visa is a large and prestigious corporation, and is in a position to choose it’s partners and associates carefully. As ever, there are other factors they would have considered, such as the number of machines to which a partner offers access.

In short, Visa Plus machines are as reliable as any you’re likely to find.

Visa Plus Charges

Visa Plus charges are applied to the organisation offering the card, not to the end user. This situation only changes if the card issuer wishes it (e.g. in order to pass on the costs of Visa Plus association).

Costs are largely similar across the major card networks, as are the terms & conditions offered by each.

Conclusions on Visa Plus

Yes No Help

World recognised, world coverage, with competitive prices. Very little to spot between this offering and similar from Visa Plus competitors.